What the hell is going on in the United States?

Some thoughts and few words about whats going on in the USA these days

I know, that this project is not a platform for political discussions and I really should'nt do this, but as a transgender woman (transwoman) myself, I'm really shocked about what is going on in the United States these days and months. This has nothing to do with the open minded, tolerant, free world I always thought the USA could (and should!) be. There are things happening, that are really embarrassing and frightening.

The so called "Bathroom Bill" is one of the most embarrassing thing I've ever heard of. But there is much more:

Yesterday a transgender children, a transboy (born with female gender characteristics) was forced to do wrestling against cis-female children instead of against the other boys in his school. He surely won this match because of the testosterone he gets. Mack Beggs is just a kid who wants to compete in the sport he loves. Texas gave him two options: wrestle with the girls or quit. Shame on you, Texas administration!

Just last week, the Trump administration announced an end to federal protections that let transgender students use restrooms based on their gender identity. Shame on you, Trump administration!

Texas state senator Konni Burton (R-Forth Worth) introduced SB 242 in early November to stop what she calls government intrusion into parental authority and love. The bill would entitle parents access to their kids’ student records including attendance records, counseling records, and "other records relating to the child’s general physical, psychological, or emotional well-being."
This bill Could Force Schools to out Transgender Kids to Abusive Parents. The bill could out not just transgender kids, but any other kind of sexual minority. This bill also would penalize teachers with suspension without pay or even termination if they refuse to tell parents about students’ requests regarding issues dealing with their gender or sexual identities. Shame on you, Konni Burton!

An eight-year-old New Jersey boy was kicked out of the Cub Scouts because he is transgender. Joe was born female but has identified as a boy for more than a year. And while the kids at his school don't have a problem, their parents are a different matter. Shame on you, Cub Scouts Leaders!

There are many, many other examples that would blow this frame.

This all is so sad! Where is the tolerance, the acceptance - were are the absolutely basic human rights???

Please go inside and think about it. Every human being, no matter if white, black, yellow, red, hetero, bisexual, gay, transsexual, jew, christian, catholic, muslim or whatever the group is named he belongs to, is a human like you and me! Everybody has a right for tolerance and acceptance. We all are equal and we all are living on the same sensible planet!

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