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The intention of this project is to determine, how many Linux users there are in the world. This is not that simple as it seems to be.


It is VERY hard to get any real idea of the size of the Linux community.

In a sense, it is because we want it that way: we do NOT want anything like centralized control, and that means that we don't want anyone to say authoritatively how many people we are, either.

The only number we can be sure of is "many".

The lower limit is something like what is counted in the Linux Counter, but even this is not certain; people may have stopped using Linux after registering, or may be registered under 2 different emails.


The Linux Counter also has several built in drawbacks:

  • Only peoples who run across mention of it on Linux enthusiast web pages are likely to hear about it, although several important Linux documents also mention it
  • Only peoples with E-mail or Web access can register with it
  • Accounts of people who forget to re-visit the website are deleted after two years.
  • And most importantly: Only people who *care* to be registered can be counted.

This all makes it hard to make any guess about the number of Linux users worldwide.


But there are several known numbers we can play with. These numbers were researched and collected together from many different websites:

  • In this second, we have 0 peoples on earth. (See for example: http://www.worldometers.info/)
  • Actually we have a statistical number of 0 internet users worldwide.
  • The average of Linux users of all internet users seems to be at about 2.66 %. (Measured from the web statistics of many great pages)
  • The Presumption that there are about 0,7% of all Linux users registered in our Linux counter.
  • Bringing this all together gives us a very conservative guess of Linux users that have access to the internet (should be at least 99% of all Linux users).

The estimation of linux users

At this moment, there are 614,110 users and 165,423 machines registered.
My guess at the number of Linux users:
0 World population: 0
Internet users: 0